We are 3 Days Past the Conviction of More Evil in Minneapolis

Will things truly change?  Will police become less trigger happy?  Will Black Lives Stop Being Killed?
Nope.  The very same day that Evil was convicted, another young Black Life was murdered by police:
Ma’khia Bryant.  
And sadly, there will be more.  Police are not trained to de-escalate situations.  Sadly.  And they are trained to intimidate and use unnecessary force.  Sadly.
Why do they receive Army surplus weapons, tanks, killing machines?  The American public is NOT the enemy.  

AND the repugs continue to believe that the rapist won the election.  And they continue to refuse the vaccine.

I can see now why the world entered into the “Dark Ages” in the 200 – 1400 CE time.  It’s easy to let stupidity take over.