Melissa Harris-Perry is worth a listen!

Here in Los Angeles, at 9am on my NPR station, KPCC (89.3) most days I listen to the brilliant Melissa Harris-Perry and her always relevant guests.
Today her topic was Water Security, or the lack of clean water which affects almost half of the world’s population. And not just in “poor” countries,
right here in the good ol’ USA. Featured were people in Chicago discussing the real problem of lead in Chicago’s drinking water. Still a problem
today. (Not just Flint Michigan….many USA cities have a lead problem).
Yesterday her topic was our horribly inhumane death penalty. Featured was Sister Helen Prejean, author of the famous book: Dead Man Walking,
which was made into a film. Sister Prejean discussed her first-hand experience with beingthe last human face that many condemned men see prior to their gruesome death.
Just two of the always tremendous shows that Melissa hosts. Take a listen. Well worth your time.