Still Another Mass Killing in U.S. – Lewiston, Maine

Conservatively we can say that 30% of the U.S. population is either mentally ill or has a drug and or alcohol dependency.
If we accept that our roads, bridges, buildings, cars, trains, airplanes are constructed to keep us as safe as possible; if we accept that police and fire departments are necessary and should only be for our greater good, to inflict as little damage to our population as possible; then why not accept that given 30% of us are not in our right mind at any one time, weapons of mass killing/murder should not be sold to the general populace given that a very large percent of us do not possess rational minds.



I Am Working With Two Women…

To have them lose a significant amount of weight. NOT for looks, beauty, other’s eyes. Rather for the sake of their health. To decrease tremendous suffering as they age. One is in her mid-late 50’s. The other is 10 years my junior, 65.
Presently, neither of them suffer pain or any major health problems, but without the weight loss, without the change in how and what they eat, without the increase in physical activity….they will.

It is always amazing to me how poorly American’s eat. Even vegetarian restaurants still serve refined bread and grains. Still serve white, white, white. When they can just as easily serve whole grain pastas, bread, noodles, or just whole grains: farro, amaranth, quinoa (amaranth & quinoa are technically seeds).

A new study: “Feeding climate and biodiversity goals with novel plant-based meat and milk alternatives” in Nature Communications (12 September 2023) showed that just halving the consumption of meat/animal products (port, chicken, beef & milk) would stop deforestation and loss of natural lands and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly a third.
Tremendous, tremendous benefits just by eating HALF of the animal foods you presently eat.

And the two women who I’m helping to lose weight, they’ve each lost 20# in 3 months. Slow and steady.

How? First by staying conscious of stopping eating when they reach SATIETY; that point when you are satisfied, when you take the deep breath before you dig in and restart eating. That point that ALL babies and toddlers know. They stop eating when they are satisfied, and if their mother, father, other one feeding them tries to get them to eat more…..they will shake their heads, turn their heads, do what they can to not have to take another bite.
Watch people of normal weight eat and you’ll see that they stop eating long before others at the table stop.
They’ll often leave food on their plate. Especially in a restaurant, where portions are most often too large.
Second, by eating s-l-o-w-e-r. Slowing down our eating allows us to feel our bodies, allows us to stay conscious of when we reach that point of satiety.
And Third, by assuring that the meals they eat provide sufficient protein with emphasis on legumes (beans, lentils, dahl, tofu) which can be added to meat or fish dishes to help decrease the animal protein. An emphasis on cooked vegetables (which provide more fiber – cup for cup, than raw veggies); and an emphasis on whole grains. Yes, the brown farrow, amaranth, quinoa, whole wheat, whole corn, brown rice; NOT the white.

More cooking time? No.

More satisfaction? Yes.

Weight loss? Definitely YES.

The Same Old Hatred – Racism & Anti-Semitism

Lies about people, stereotypes about groups, distortions of truth all lead to hate.

When people are seen as not human the hate leads to violence against them.

These lies, stereotypes and distortions lead to distrust and then to horrible violence
against people of color.
And against people of the Jewish faith.  

The lies MUST STOP.

Look for what makes us One, what makes all of us Human and ultimately the same.

Find the good in other humans. 

We must, else the future will continue to be unjust.

A Time of Reckoning/A Time of Renewal

The January 6th Committee is laying out CLEARLY, CONCISELY, step by step how the “former” attempted to thwart our traditions, our Constitution to violently take back the office of President. There is no doubt that this “former” lost. Has always lost, and is still losing. The January 6th Committee, along with the latest rulings of the Supreme Court clearly point to a need to Reckon/Re-New what we want our “Democracy” to be. How we wish to face the reality of the tremendous hurt and pain we have inflicted, nay STILL inflict, on our Native People, on the ancestors of the Slaves we kept legally, for 250 years, and illegally for the next 100 years. (1619 to 1865, and 1865 to 1965). By using the term ancestor, I do not wish to imply some long ago, far away relative. The descendants of our Slaves are very short span of time away from close kin. Hell, the racism that Black Americans suffer is really a continuation of former bondage, hate, torture and human perversion of all aspects. And the hurt and pain we continue to inflict on People of Color, and people perceived as “different.”
I have great faith and trust that as our country becomes more mixed, more diverse, as races and creeds, religions intermarry, we will become more tolerant, more loving, more accepting of the variety of Human that has always been on this earth. BUT I do not believe this softening of people’s hearts will take place in my lifetime. I turn 74 this summer and I don’t believe the 20 or so years I have left is enough time for this necessary change to happen. Sadly.
But it IS happening. And along with acceptance of ALL Humans, I am also hopeful that we will come to FULLY accept our responsibility to keep our world from perishing. Our responsibility is to live with the intention to not inflict harm on others, or on our planet. To use less water, less energy, to build housing that ALL people can afford, to feed ALL people food which is affordable creates health, not disease. To provide living wages for ALL. Clean water for ALL. I honestly believe this is possible.
Yes. I am a Dreamer, an Idealist, a Hopeful and Trusting One. And I pray that more and more of us see that this is the only way we will survive. From my lips, to God’s ears!

Melissa Harris-Perry is worth a listen!

Here in Los Angeles, at 9am on my NPR station, KPCC (89.3) most days I listen to the brilliant Melissa Harris-Perry and her always relevant guests.
Today her topic was Water Security, or the lack of clean water which affects almost half of the world’s population. And not just in “poor” countries,
right here in the good ol’ USA. Featured were people in Chicago discussing the real problem of lead in Chicago’s drinking water. Still a problem
today. (Not just Flint Michigan….many USA cities have a lead problem).
Yesterday her topic was our horribly inhumane death penalty. Featured was Sister Helen Prejean, author of the famous book: Dead Man Walking,
which was made into a film. Sister Prejean discussed her first-hand experience with beingthe last human face that many condemned men see prior to their gruesome death.
Just two of the always tremendous shows that Melissa hosts. Take a listen. Well worth your time.

Putin Must NOT Win in Ukraine

It’s become clear that Putin must not win his absolutely insane, mad attempt to take over the government and country of Ukraine.
I am sad to conclude that just sending more and more guns, weapons, armaments to Ukraine will not stop Russia’s totally unprovoked attacks on the people, cherished homes, social and cultural physical structures of Ukraine. Putin/Russia must be stopped. And without a full on attack by the U.S. and the NATO countries, Russia will not stop. We are again dealing with another mad man which History has vomited up to cause the world heartache, pain, hunger, massive destruction. Yes massive destruction for the entire world, because approximately 1 billion people will suffer unmitigated hunger, disease, poverty because of this senseless, unnecessary war. And if not stopped, Putin will continue his expansion to include the Baltic countries, as well as Poland.
The U.S. was s-l-o-w to enter WWII, not convinced of the need for our boots on the ground until the wake up of Pearl Harbor, despite Great Britain hanging on by the slimmest of threads from 1939 to early 1942 when the U.S. finally got its military to act.
We cannot, cannot wait to send American troops and thereby send NATO troops to fight against Russia and Putin. We must send troops in now.
Yes, this will begin a WWIII. Yes, it might, God Forbid, even cause nuclear weapons to be used, but I am convinced that waiting till Ukiraine is destroyed will prove to be more harmful.

The Absolutely Best Explanation for Ukraine I Have Heard

If you are confused, not sure about why the insane man who controls the fate of the 43 million Ukrainians wants to bring this brave people to their knees, wants to abolish them as a nation, I urge you to listen to this Podcast from the Ezra Klein show:

Ezra interviews Timothy Snyder, an expert on Ukraine. Timothy provides what he believes is the rationale for the insanity presently being rained down on a population that just wishes to live life in peace.

Each Morning I Wake Up Praying for Ketanji Brown Jackson

When I awaken in the morning my first thought, the very first thing I say, silently in the heart of my mind is to give Thanks to God for the ability to Love Her. God Help Me To Realize That Loving You is the Most Important Thing in My Life. Next I give Thanks for my Soul being returned to me, for the fact of my life. Then I give Thanks for the ability to move, get out of bed, walk, use the toilet, have running water – hot and cold – and especial Thanks for my wife Marsha. For her unconditional Love and the fact that we are legally married. Lately, I’ve added deep Prayers for the People of Ukraine, for their safety and ability to withstand the onslaught of an insane man.
AND, I am Praying each morning, noon and night for the heart and soul of Ketanji Brown Jackson. For her ability to withstand the bullying, slings and arrows of the men who should hold NO leadership in the United States. Who are barely worthy of being called men.
May Ketanji Brown Jackson be confirmed as our next Supreme Court Justice. May she live a good, healthy LONG life. May her heart and soul stay strong.

May All Insane Leaders Go Down

No doubt that the malignant narcissism of certain leaders has caused and continues to cause tremendous harm to our Dear World. Most people just want peace, to live their lives as best they can, without undue interference and without harm. Throughout history, young men, actually boys, have been killed in the service of the narcissist’s ego.
All of these boys have mothers, families, who hurt, grieve mightly for their sons. In trying to put an end to Putin’s insanity, the world is attempting to use monetary sanctions. These sanctions will only work if once and for all the “safe havens” for the ill gotten billions are destroyed. Americans must realize that the U.S. has become a safe haven for the mega rich’s money. The Panama Papers and the latest Pandora Papers tell the horrible truth about how the mega rich hide their money. And U.S. real estate is a primary method.

My hope and prayer is that in exposing and hopefully stopping Putin and his henchmen, we also stop the hiding and hoarding of mega wealth.


On 11/11/11 I wrote in this Blog,, A Woman’s Voice for Love and Reason,
“I am so very happy to have the opportunity
in my lifetime
to be able to write
as the date.”
Well, I must again honor today’s date by noting
again, that it is a wonderful
opportunity to be able to write
in my lifetime!

These are the little things in life which provide
Amazement, Gratitude, Comfort as I age.