Each Morning I Wake Up Praying for Ketanji Brown Jackson

When I awaken in the morning my first thought, the very first thing I say, silently in the heart of my mind is to give Thanks to God for the ability to Love Her. God Help Me To Realize That Loving You is the Most Important Thing in My Life. Next I give Thanks for my Soul being returned to me, for the fact of my life. Then I give Thanks for the ability to move, get out of bed, walk, use the toilet, have running water – hot and cold – and especial Thanks for my wife Marsha. For her unconditional Love and the fact that we are legally married. Lately, I’ve added deep Prayers for the People of Ukraine, for their safety and ability to withstand the onslaught of an insane man.
AND, I am Praying each morning, noon and night for the heart and soul of Ketanji Brown Jackson. For her ability to withstand the bullying, slings and arrows of the men who should hold NO leadership in the United States. Who are barely worthy of being called men.
May Ketanji Brown Jackson be confirmed as our next Supreme Court Justice. May she live a good, healthy LONG life. May her heart and soul stay strong.