A Time of Reckoning/A Time of Renewal

The January 6th Committee is laying out CLEARLY, CONCISELY, step by step how the “former” attempted to thwart our traditions, our Constitution to violently take back the office of President. There is no doubt that this “former” lost. Has always lost, and is still losing. The January 6th Committee, along with the latest rulings of the Supreme Court clearly point to a need to Reckon/Re-New what we want our “Democracy” to be. How we wish to face the reality of the tremendous hurt and pain we have inflicted, nay STILL inflict, on our Native People, on the ancestors of the Slaves we kept legally, for 250 years, and illegally for the next 100 years. (1619 to 1865, and 1865 to 1965). By using the term ancestor, I do not wish to imply some long ago, far away relative. The descendants of our Slaves are very short span of time away from close kin. Hell, the racism that Black Americans suffer is really a continuation of former bondage, hate, torture and human perversion of all aspects. And the hurt and pain we continue to inflict on People of Color, and people perceived as “different.”
I have great faith and trust that as our country becomes more mixed, more diverse, as races and creeds, religions intermarry, we will become more tolerant, more loving, more accepting of the variety of Human that has always been on this earth. BUT I do not believe this softening of people’s hearts will take place in my lifetime. I turn 74 this summer and I don’t believe the 20 or so years I have left is enough time for this necessary change to happen. Sadly.
But it IS happening. And along with acceptance of ALL Humans, I am also hopeful that we will come to FULLY accept our responsibility to keep our world from perishing. Our responsibility is to live with the intention to not inflict harm on others, or on our planet. To use less water, less energy, to build housing that ALL people can afford, to feed ALL people food which is affordable creates health, not disease. To provide living wages for ALL. Clean water for ALL. I honestly believe this is possible.
Yes. I am a Dreamer, an Idealist, a Hopeful and Trusting One. And I pray that more and more of us see that this is the only way we will survive. From my lips, to God’s ears!


The chirp and whistle of the morning birds
accompany me as we give praise to our Maker.
Their happy sounds hide the low roar and rumble
of the morning commute.

The doves’ distinct cooing punctuates above the rest.
The grandeur of the soloist, the accomplished
tenor who commands special attention,
calling the world to Hope.

I Am Again Invincible

I am well enough, better than well enough, to return to this forum for my thoughts.

When I could not walk, needing crutches or a God sent scooter to get around [my good left leg pushed while I rested my right knee on the scooter’s seat]; when I suffered such severe pain that I could only play music through headphones to comfort me, or sleep; then I had no desire to write. I barely had desire to live.

Now the pain is not constant, just a nagging reminder when I walk. I yearn to walk again without pain; and am hopeful that one day I will. Now my mind is clear and filled with things to write, things which I believe are worth reading.

Let me begin with this:

I too once seemed invincible,
nothing could touch me. I was innocent.
I worked, loved my work of teaching
helping people change their lives;
I gardened everyday, after work;
I was strong in all the ways
that humans need strength – body, mind, soul.

I was greatly loved and I mightily returned
her love.
I thought we would process our cares and thoughts,
process our way to bliss, forever.
My life seemed set and secure.

She died unexpectedly
and I was left heartbroken and mute
my breath knocked out of my being.

Now, pain and years later, I am again invincible.
Not in the ways of the innocent,
those who haven’t yet lost their hearts, their souls;
those who haven’t faced death.

No, now in the way of the wise am I invincible.
In the way of ones who have felt the deepest pain
the deepest hurt the deepest loss…
and decide to laugh and sing and give Praise
despite, in spite of it all.

I am again strong and secure and know
that I can bear and accept with grace
what comes in my life unknown.
And joyously sing: Thank You for another day
another opportunity to love your Creation.

Psalm 69

Sitting, listening to my Rabbi, Gershon Winkler, I often get chills down my spine, then tears in my eyes, as the Truth of what he is saying washes over my soul. I am captivated by his ability to delve deeply into the Mystery of this Dear World. Such mystery and depth feeds me.

Gershon translated a section of Psalm 69:14 and I submit his translation below. I confess that I had to read it 20 times before I truly “got it.” And when I did, it
reverberated through my body as a shock of sheer delight and joy. I now read it daily to regenerate my store of Hope and Faith.

Psalm 69:14 – Translated by Rabbi Gershon Winkler:
And I,
My prayer is directed to you
Infinite Mover of the Universe
When the moment coincides with the Will
In your magnanimous benevolence
Respond to me
In truth
With your support.