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who you love,
mirrors you.


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eldermuse.net is a website primarily for women over 50 years on this earth, and especially for women who love and appreciate other women. It is intended as a place of peace, love, and reason. It is offered as a guide, an aid, to help women on the threshold of their elder years find internal peace and joy, as well as physical vitality.

eldermuse.net seeks to inspire others to fully love and honor themselves, in the hope that in doing so, we can then love and honor others.

She hopes to inspire you to accept the many changes, the loss, grief and tragedy of growing old, and to help you see the joy, pleasure, even ecstasy in everyday life. 

eldermuse.net contains the truths, wisdom, and perceived reality of a woman who has spent the past 30 years teaching others to care for themselves. She hopes that by telling you her truths/her knowing of the world, that she can inspire you to begin with yourself and “Impact The World With Good”.  

It is said: “We write so that others may know they are not alone.” Thus I write, to share, to provide insights, to hearten the souls who long for the sanity of reason and love.  Compassion is only the extension of reason. Our basic needs are one. Our compassion must begin with ourselves . . . then extend to others.

If you have arrived here, then you are meant to see those truths, those ideas which reverberate in my mind, heart, and soul. Welcome. Namaste. I hope you find love and reason; inspiration; things to ponder and to provide peace. Words which ring true in your heart and mind, and help you love your total self and the world.

eldermuse.net wishes to offer this site as a gift, in all humility, to the Universe. She seeks no money from readers of this site. You see hundreds, if not thousands of ads/commercials each day, all wanting your money. I want this site to be free of this. I want this site to be a refuge for your weary soul to be able to trust, to be able to absorb the goodness of who we all are. 

eldermuse.net is available for Speaking Engagements.  For arrangements, please contact: eldermuse@eldermuse.net .

Thank You for visiting this site. Please Pass It On and Pay It Forward.

With All Love,