Putin Must NOT Win in Ukraine

It’s become clear that Putin must not win his absolutely insane, mad attempt to take over the government and country of Ukraine.
I am sad to conclude that just sending more and more guns, weapons, armaments to Ukraine will not stop Russia’s totally unprovoked attacks on the people, cherished homes, social and cultural physical structures of Ukraine. Putin/Russia must be stopped. And without a full on attack by the U.S. and the NATO countries, Russia will not stop. We are again dealing with another mad man which History has vomited up to cause the world heartache, pain, hunger, massive destruction. Yes massive destruction for the entire world, because approximately 1 billion people will suffer unmitigated hunger, disease, poverty because of this senseless, unnecessary war. And if not stopped, Putin will continue his expansion to include the Baltic countries, as well as Poland.
The U.S. was s-l-o-w to enter WWII, not convinced of the need for our boots on the ground until the wake up of Pearl Harbor, despite Great Britain hanging on by the slimmest of threads from 1939 to early 1942 when the U.S. finally got its military to act.
We cannot, cannot wait to send American troops and thereby send NATO troops to fight against Russia and Putin. We must send troops in now.
Yes, this will begin a WWIII. Yes, it might, God Forbid, even cause nuclear weapons to be used, but I am convinced that waiting till Ukiraine is destroyed will prove to be more harmful.

The Absolutely Best Explanation for Ukraine I Have Heard

If you are confused, not sure about why the insane man who controls the fate of the 43 million Ukrainians wants to bring this brave people to their knees, wants to abolish them as a nation, I urge you to listen to this Podcast from the Ezra Klein show:


Ezra interviews Timothy Snyder, an expert on Ukraine. Timothy provides what he believes is the rationale for the insanity presently being rained down on a population that just wishes to live life in peace.

Each Morning I Wake Up Praying for Ketanji Brown Jackson

When I awaken in the morning my first thought, the very first thing I say, silently in the heart of my mind is to give Thanks to God for the ability to Love Her. God Help Me To Realize That Loving You is the Most Important Thing in My Life. Next I give Thanks for my Soul being returned to me, for the fact of my life. Then I give Thanks for the ability to move, get out of bed, walk, use the toilet, have running water – hot and cold – and especial Thanks for my wife Marsha. For her unconditional Love and the fact that we are legally married. Lately, I’ve added deep Prayers for the People of Ukraine, for their safety and ability to withstand the onslaught of an insane man.
AND, I am Praying each morning, noon and night for the heart and soul of Ketanji Brown Jackson. For her ability to withstand the bullying, slings and arrows of the men who should hold NO leadership in the United States. Who are barely worthy of being called men.
May Ketanji Brown Jackson be confirmed as our next Supreme Court Justice. May she live a good, healthy LONG life. May her heart and soul stay strong.

May All Insane Leaders Go Down

No doubt that the malignant narcissism of certain leaders has caused and continues to cause tremendous harm to our Dear World. Most people just want peace, to live their lives as best they can, without undue interference and without harm. Throughout history, young men, actually boys, have been killed in the service of the narcissist’s ego.
All of these boys have mothers, families, who hurt, grieve mightly for their sons. In trying to put an end to Putin’s insanity, the world is attempting to use monetary sanctions. These sanctions will only work if once and for all the “safe havens” for the ill gotten billions are destroyed. Americans must realize that the U.S. has become a safe haven for the mega rich’s money. The Panama Papers and the latest Pandora Papers tell the horrible truth about how the mega rich hide their money. And U.S. real estate is a primary method.

My hope and prayer is that in exposing and hopefully stopping Putin and his henchmen, we also stop the hiding and hoarding of mega wealth.